Friday, September 12, 2014

VN Tofu

Jimmy Carter Blvd is home to a handful of Vietnamese joints - Hong Kong Supermarket (it's Vietnamese, don't let the name fool you), Nam Phuong, Huy's Sandwich, Bambu, to name a few. In no way does it compare to Pleasant Hill with the fast growing Korean community and joints.

VN Tofu is located off I-85 and Jimmy Carter, next to the Hong Kong Supermarket on the left side. It is one of my favorite place to get Vietnamese street foods! It's not a restaurants but more of a shop that sells the yummy dishes. There are tables and chairs outside if you want to just chill and eat a little. The food is fresh and authentic, judging from what many has said in Yelp also. I've been going to VN Tofu for several years and my experience keeps getting better. Not only that, I keep expanding my food taste buds when I go there, trying more snacks. They have so much variety there.

Since I'm the very few who do not like to eat pho but what I do love is banh mi! I venture out to try more and more places that serves banh mi. My favorite is the banh mi thit nuong (pork bbq).

I usually get veggies on outside because like to take it home to fill it up with veggies since the kids don't like the veggies, they eat it plain with just meat and bread. Vn Tofu does *not* have my favorite banh mi. However, it does give the most meat compared to all others. My family is satisfied with just getting banh mi here for that reason.

There's lots of refridgerated goodies next to the banh mi station. I haven't tried most of them in there. Nor have I tried all the drinks offered.

But I cannot resist getting the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, so yummy!!

End result.

Station of hot che desserts. Tried them all. Favorites are taro and banana. For the banana, they usually put peanuts on top but we get it without it.
On the right side next to che station, many different types of snacks packed available.

And more...on weekends, there are a lot more variety, especially rice dishes with chicken and/or pork.

I usually just grab the banh trang cuon (summer rolls but spring rolls to others).

It's VN Tofu after all, gotta have your tofu. My favorite is the fried lemongrass tofu.

More goodies to choose from and I didn't take a picture of everything since I don't see the sesame balls, wait it's one more left lol.


In the corner there are bags of lotus flour cookies along with other snacks.

Since I didn't take a picture of everything that I could, like the freshly made soybean milk and desserts like banh tet (banana wraps with sticky rice and meats) because when I went they ran out so wasn't able to do so.

I love love love VN Tofu. It's one of my favorite to-go places for yummy snacks.
PS - credit cards accepted and very affordable

VN Tofu
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA 30093
(678) 691-0628

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