Friday, September 26, 2014

Fernbank Science Center

If you're a kid who grew up in Dekalb County then Fernbank is nothing new to you. I mean, nowadays, everyone thinks about that museum with IMAX off Clifton Road. 

I had to educate my daughter about Fernbank Science Center since she loves astrology. Plus it'll take me back to memory lane. I used to come to Fernbank when I was a student at Peachcrest Elementary. We used to come to the Planetarium to be learn about the stars and solar system.

While walking in, you will see that Fernbank has a small museum. Admission is FREE but if you want to donate, you may.

Taken from a different angle. Information desk and where to purchase tickets for the planetarium. 
$7 for adults and $5 for children/students.

Many people do *not* know this but you can stay for the observatory! You can view the sky through a telescope!! I never did either but while doing my research, it's FREE and open on Thursday and Friday nights from 9:00 - 10:30 pm, depending on weather.

More pics.

Displays in the hallway.

A closer look at some of what you'll see.

There are live reptiles too.

A closer look at one of them.

Across from the live reptiles.

Yes, that's live bees.

Closer look.

An old hive for display.

Go down a few steps and you'll see this.

The displays.

Rocks and Minerals located in Georgia.

More displays of rocks and minerals from Georgia, located in the hallway before you enter the library.

Display of Georgia fossils.

Time for Planetarium.

While waiting for the show to start, this is how it looks like. This is what helps with the show. I didn't take any pictures during the show because I wanted to enjoy myself. And besides, probably wouldn't have good pics with my phone.

Observatory from the outside. Taken when first arriving.
Again, it's FREE to go to the observatory. The same person who presented the show in the planetarium guided us to there.

Inside the observatory. Big telescope used. It wasn't working properly that night.

Telescopes that we're used to seeing. There were a few around. One was brought outside for us to use and view. 

Outside of the observatory where we were standing.  Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy but I was excited to walk up to see what is there. I will definitely have to come again.

Fernbank Science Center
156 Heaton Park Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
(678) 874-7102

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