Friday, September 19, 2014

Sarah Donuts

So I was Yelping about local donuts shops because I just wanted that homemade taste. I love me some Krispie Kreme but was looking into more options that are non greasy and less fattening donuts. I didn't want to drive to Midtown for Sublime Doughnuts or Alpharetta for DaVinci's Donuts. Plus I also wanted donuts that weren't piled on with so many toppings and let the donuts speak for themselves. Sarah Donuts got some great reviews on Yelp and thought I'll give it a try. 

Sarah Donuts is located off Jimmy Carter and I-85 between Brook Hollow Parkway & Norcross Tucker Road.

While walking in, you can see it's a small local business. Since it's Korean own, you will see cute interior decorating.

It's cozy and cute.

This pic came out blurry, sorry! On the left hand side is the coffee, free coffee too in the mornings if you buy a donut!

So I checked around and wanted to buy every donut but it was not possible. I did buy a dozen and got all the "regular" donuts. Fancy donuts were a bit more pricier so I didn't get them. So I bought 12 for $8.50 which isn't bad. It rounds off to 71 cents a donut.

These are the fancy donuts. I will get them next time. I cannot wait to try them.

Okay, wait, the ones on the left are considered fancy too. The ones on the right are the original glaze. She ran out of chocolate glaze, darn.

After taking these pics, I just realized that some of the donuts aren't labeled. Darn. Regardless, I bought each one. However, I got two of the original glaze, blueberry, & red velvet.

I picked up the business card and headed home.

Ready to open up the box of goodies.

Where do I start?

So I decided I wanted to try every one of them.

Verdict - my fave is the red velvet cake, follow closely by the original glaze. 

Tip - I learn this after leaving and not paying attention to my Yelp check-in, you get a free donut!

Sarah Donuts
5860 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Ste 155
Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 409-9020

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