Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Palace

Being a fan of Hindi cinema and growing up with it as a little girl is no surprised to most. In the last decade, I became huge fan of Tamil and Telugu cinema too. Atlanta was already one of the few cities several decades ago that offered Bollywood films playing in selected theaters. The very first movie I watched in theater was Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, which I proudly watched it with*out* English subs. But just loving the entertainment side, it wasn't until later I started loving the cuisine.

The first time I tried Indian food was not a good experience but that changed very soon. In 2000, I received a gift certificate from Wownow to try Indian food at The Palace and was told to try the lunch buffet to see what I liked. It's located off Peachtree Parkway in the former Big Cinemas plaza and is the intersection of Holcomb Bridge.

What a great experience! I've been a fan since then. It's 14 years and I still eat at The Palace. Whenever I have a friend who is curious to try Indian food, I take them here. Every experience has been positive.

I copied the following from a previous review I've done on  Yelp

I'm serious when I say that The Palace is my fave Indian restaurant E-V-E-R. I went again over the weekend with a friend who has never had Indian food. It was a great experience. She kept raving how good the food was. She tried EVERYTHING on the buffet. Of course, she didn't like everything but she knew what she liked so she says she will definitely go back again.

Let me re-emphasize how much I love this place.

- Fresh naan brought by waiter, I dislike the naan on the buffet cause it's not fresh, most are hard
- Water always being refilled, never once have I asked for them to refill, my pet peeve at Asian restaurants
- Fresh masala dosa, this is my fave Desi dish!!! I just tell the lady that I want masala dosa, once she's done, she brings it to me
- Fresh Indo China dishes, so you want Chinese dishes made Indian style? You got it here, fresh.
- Pineapple juice in a pretty fountain, no need to order a drink, you get this drink at the buffet
- Samosas, seriously, I cannot believe so many Indian restaurants don't even have this dish on buffet

I love The Palace.

What other Indian restaurant would have North & South Indian cuisine like this? None other. If you find it, please let me know cause I have yet to find one.

Not only have I gone for the lunch buffet but also have been there for dinner. The experience was still great. I rather spend the money on the variety on the lunch buffet though.

Compared to other Indian restaurants, The Palace is more upscale holding events inside the restaurant. Other Indian restaurants I've been to are styrofoam city and isn't as fancy.

Some of the items at the lunch buffet from tandoori chicken to sang paneer to chicken makhani to biryani.

Depending on the event and day you come, the setup for pani puri (also known as gol gappa, depends which movie you got it from, Hindi or Telugu) and masala dosa could vary.

Pani puri all done, you don't have to crack it and do it yourself, they do it for you. (I never knew this when I ordered pani puri elsewhere.)

When you ask for masala dosa or manchuria noodles, it is made fresh and brought to your table when done.

Masala dosa

Macnhuria noodles

Fresh naan brought to your table. When you're done, you could get refills.

Not many restaurants offer samosas or medu vasdu on the buffet. Only a batch is brought out every time. The employees monitor it very well and always refill with fresh ones.

Other extra goodies from chaat to chana masala. 

There's a pineapple fountain too! Sorry, quality sucks. Most of the time I don't order any drink and just drink water. I mean, come on, get your drink on here.

Or get a Mango Lassi.

Depending on the weekend, you may have the option to get gulab jamun. If you don't know what that is, you have to google it. So yummy and full of awesomeness. You'll usually find the fruit salad (in condensed milk) & kheer (rice pudding) for dessert.

Yummy. Eat until you're full (or can no longer walk).

The Palace
6131 Peachtree Parkway
Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 840-7770

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